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One Tribe Connect was born out of a of love stories and storytelling, and research suggesting stories are part of our DNA.  We can thank stories for the survival of our species.  When we stopped pantomiming and grunting about the T Rex that was fast approaching our village, we could just yell, "Run."  I knew the magic of stories, and with this research I now knew the power of stories, too. 

Here is what the magic of sharing stories can do:

  • Increase empathy 
  • Create trust
  • Develop connection
 Our history of storytelling and community

Our history of storytelling and community

History of Storytelling & Community

Here is the short list of what our history and research says sharing stories can do:

  • Promote cooperation and motivation to work with others in collaborative activities with common goals and intentions.
  • Develop social norms and shared beliefs (even when there are diverse stories being told).
  • Transmit culture.


 How storytelling creates connection

How storytelling creates connection

How ONE tribe can help you

Do you want to improve the culture of inclusivity and diversity in your organization?

Do you want to increase productivity in your organization?

Do you want to build community?  

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I'm Michelle Zive--the Founder of One Tribe Connect

I have always been obsessed with books, storytelling, and learning. I have a PhD in leadership from the University of San Diego. My research explored the use of images and personal stories to build empathy, connection, and leadership.  I have witnessed authentic connections through storytelling.

I'm also a registered dietitian, and American Council on Exercise-certified health coach.  This means I support individuals (and groups) to be the healthiest and well they/we can be.

More of my story: I have a lot of interests, and a mild case of attention-deficit disorder.  To combat this, I meditate, do yoga, Pilates, walk my dog, and read.  Oh, yeah, I try to breathe, too.  I love Taos, New Mexico and naps.  I have the most amazing family--immediate and otherwise (like my One Tribe family).  My husband and three children (two grown daughters and a teenage son) are my roots.  They keep me grounded (and humble).  I want to start surfing again, do more hiking, and read and write more.

And, I want to help you!